Massage Room
Massage Therapist

Massage Therapist: Nathan A Reynolds, NCBTMB, LMT

Services and Prices


Massage Therapy


 60 minute Swedish Massage - $65  (full body) 

 60 minute Deep Tissue Massage - $70  (full body)


Massage and Colonic Combo

  • ​1hr Swedish Massage and 45 min Colonic ..........$140

(Please call to book)

Massage and  V-Steam Combo  

  • 1hr Swedish Massage and 30 min V-Steam........ $100

 (Please call to book)






CBD Infused Swedish Massage- $110 (1 hr)

CBD-Massage is a therapeutic treatment used with CBD-infused oil. This is a is Non-Psychoactive and is Anti-inflammatory. This modality is inherently therapeutic for the mind and the body.


Benefits: * Provides Relief from Fibromyalgia and Nerve Pain * Settles Nausea and Upset Stomach * Alleviates PMS Symptoms * Eases Cancer Treatments * Increases Serotonin (mood, sleep, function) * Increases Dopamine (reduce pain, enhances mood) * Decreases Cortisol (the primary stress hormone) * Replenishes and Revitalizes Skin * Helps Heal Rashes and Burns * Relief from Chronic Skin Conditions  * Provides Headache and Migraine Relief * Manages Anxiety, Depression, and Other Mental Disorders