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Our Colon Hydrotherapist has extensive training and uses the newest FDA-registered device, The LIBBE.


The LIBBE is an "Open-system device" which affords our clients with a comfortable, modest, and dignified experience.  


The LIBBE device was developed to assist the healthcare practitioner and patient for a simpler comfortable preparatory method prior to medical procedures, such as before a colonoscopy or when medically indicated.


In addition to Colon Hydrotherapy, we offer many services that will aid in detox and relaxation. Coffee Enemas are highly regarded as a means to detoxify the Liver. The Infrared Sauna also aids in detox by stimulating your sweat glands to allow toxins to pass through. These are just a few of our services that will bring you back to the healthy person you should be.


We encourage you to call or visit our clinic and we will answer any questions you may have.

                     Our Services 

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